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Things a New Traveller Needs to Know

Hope, fear and excitement, these are the three emotions the first time travellers have. They follow the guidebooks and make a lot of mistakes. However, do not worry, we can help.

Here are few things a new traveller needs to know.

Don’t be scared

Taking the leap into unknown is intimidating, but you are not the first person to travel the world. There is a well-worn travel trail out there and people to help guide you along the way. If millions of people can make their way around the world each year, so can you. You may feel scared and nervous but you’re just as capable as anyone else, so do not be scared. Pack your bags and head towards your destination.

Don’t just live by the guidebook

No doubt, guidebooks are a great source of information on destinations, but you will never find the latest off-the-beaten-path attractions, bars, or restaurants in them. To explore the best stuff around, connect with locals to find out. Ask other travellers or the hotel staff for recommendations. People are your best resource for up to date travel information. Unless a guidebook is digital and updated often, it’s probably out of date, so don’t live and breathe by it.

Don’t carry a lot of gear

You are a first-time traveller so you do not need to bring a bag filled with tons of stuff, like hiking boots and pants, fleece jacket, or too many clothes and toiletries. These all take up space. So pack light and if you need something, you can pick it up as you go. Trust us, you do not need a lot of gear as you think.

The above-mentioned are few things a first-time traveller needs to know.